Technical Translation Bureau



Our general focus areas are:

Technical Translation

To support international business in Russia our Technical Translation Bureau specializes in translations within the language pair of English and Russian. We offer professional performance for incredibly low prices starting from 0,03$ per word of a source text. Our focus industries are the following.

Translation of web-sites

For the companies, aming at development of their international business involving Russia, we offer translations of web-sites to create and support attractive images of the companies in the eyes of Russian customers. You will be surprised with affordability of this service, as its price is based on the standard text volume calculation, i.e. 0,03$ per word.

Translation Proofreading

When translating technical material one should consider a host of criteria, while the observation of these criteria determines the quality of translation. If you doubt the quality of translation made by you or other translation agency, we offer the service of translation proofreading to eliminate all flaws of provided material.


We specialize in translation for the following industries:

Logging & Woodworking

Products, equipment, processes...more

Chemical Industry

Polymer materials and products, adhesive solutions...more

Automotive Industry

Automobiles, processes, manuals, marketing...more


Products, processes, manuals...more


Personal and official papers, business correspondence...more

Marketing Materials

Promotion leaflets, press releases, websites...more


Call us or e-mail us to inquire the precise cost of translation of your material.

  • English Russian

    The price is final, it can encrease only due to poor quality of a source or high urgency of translation.

  • Russian English

    The price is final, it can encrease only due to poor quality of a source or high urgency of translation.

  • Translation Proofreading

    For proofreading we accept the translations both in English and Russian with correctness rate at least 50%. If the translataion in hand is more than 50% incorrect, it should be translated anew.


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